Amazon Great Indian Festival and Flipkart Big Billion Day sale are near, and it is the best time to grab the favorite gadgets you’ve been meaning to buy. Due to the current pandemic circumstances, almost everyone is working from home and needs some devices to make work more pleasant. 

This is why I’ve decided to do the hard work and list some best gadgets that will receive a discount during the sale on both these websites. Take a look below and start adding them to your cart right now.

Apple iPhone 11₹ 68,300 ₹47,999
OnePlus Nord₹ 24,999
LG G8X₹ 70,000 ₹54,990
Soundcore Life Q20₹11,999 ₹5,499
Sony WH-H910N Active noise-canceling ₹24,990 ₹11,999
Apple AirPods₹14,990 ₹9,999
Samsung Galaxy Tab A₹9,999 ₹8,999
Honor Pad 5 ₹16,999 ₹12,999
Beardo Trimmer Kit ₹1,499 ₹1,099
Mi Beard Trimmer 1C ₹1,199 ₹899

Deals on Smartphones

Apple iPhone 11 will be the most popular phone in this sale. It will go on sale for less than ₹ 47,999 via the Amazon Great Indian Festival. Currently, this device is priced at ₹ 68,300, but on sale, it will be at a discount of almost ₹ 18,000. You can also grab one from Apple’s online store as you’ll also get the new AirPods Pro with it, but the phone won’t have any discount.

The OnePlus Nord will also be on sale between the price of ₹20,999 and ₹24,999. The phone was launched in India with a starting price of ₹24,999 for the 6GB+64GB variant, but it did not go on sale until September. But you can grab one on during the Great Indian Festival for a very good price. 

If you are into foldable phones like the Galaxy Fold but don’t want to spend 1 lakh on it, LG G8X is for you. The G8X was launched as a dual-screen phone for ₹ 49,999 in December in India. This is probably the most discounted product on Amazon with a discount of ₹ 35,000. At the Great Indian Festival, you can grab it for just ₹ 19,990 only.

Deals on speakers and headphones

Amazon is offering use discount on the entire range of echo products during the Great Indian festival sale. You can grab the Echo Dot 3rd generation for ₹ 2,249. Also, many of the echo products will be available to purchase with over 50% off discount. 

If you are into noise-canceling headphones, then Soundcore Life Q20 is a good choice to pick during the Flipkart Big Billion days. The headphone will be available at a price tag of ₹5,499. You also can’t go wrong with Sony WH-H910N Active noise-canceling headphones. They offer Quick Attention Mode and Quick Charging too. 

Also, Apple AirPods will, too, see a price cut during the sale. The old generation AirPods are currently selling for ₹ 14,990 on Flipkart, but during the sale, it will be available for ₹ 13,499.

Deals on tablets

While due to the pandemic situation, most schools and colleges are closed, most parents are turning towards budget-friendly tablets for their kids’ online classes. Samsung Galaxy Tab A is one of the choices. Best for moderate use and also will be available for ₹ 8,999 during the Big Billion day sale. The tablet is currently priced at ₹ 9,999.

If you like the sleek and slim tablets, then Honor Pad 5 Tablet with Full HD IPS screen and GPU Turbo 2.0 is also a very good choice. It has the 4G capability and performance packed Huawei Kirin chip to even do gaming on the tablet. It will be available for ₹ 12,999 during the sale while it is currently priced at ₹ 16,999. 

Deals on trimmers

Trimmers are also essential things this year as many of us had to trim beard at home only due to lockdown. During the Big Billion days sale, you can grab the Beardo Trimmer Kit just for ₹ 1,099. It contains all the multi grooming tools you’ll ever need. Currently, it is priced at ₹ 1,499.

The Mi Beard Trimmer 1C will also be on sale as a budget option. It is currently for ₹ 1,199, but on sale, it will have a discount of ₹ 899. If you have the plus membership, you can even pre-book some of these deals on Flipkart.

More discounts via payment methods

To encourage you to buy your favorite products, both Amazon and Flipkart offers No Cost EMI. You can even get 10% more discount when you are buying using SBI Credit and debit cards on Flipkart. 

While Amazon is offering a 10% discount if you use HDFC Bank Credit or Debit cards, Amazon Prime users will be able to get into the sale a day early than other users. So if you don’t have the prime membership, now might be a good time to get it. Same as with Flipkart Plus members, the sale will be available a day early. 

Tips to get the best deals and discounts

  • Get prime membership or Flipkart plus membership if you don’t have it now.
  • Share your accounts with other family members so you can improve your chances of grabbing limited-time deals.
  • Get the Amazon app and use it to purchase as it is more convenient and offers better deals on application than the website.
  • Turn notifications on for the app if you have turned them off. You don’t know which better deals you get.
  • Don’t wait for the sale day; add products you want to buy early in the cart. It’ll be easier to buy them on the day of sale.
  • You can also download the Amazon Assistant, available only for desktops/PCs. It will help you compare prices, discover new items, and give information about daily deals.

So stock up on your favorite gadgets without any wait. The Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale starts from 16th – 21st October, while for plus members, access will be available from 15th October. The Amazon Great Indian sale begins on 17th October. Prime members can get early access from 16th October.