Android 9 Pie has barely made to some of the Android phones, and while we are waiting for it to reach all the devices, the Android 10 is already here. Google has begun the beta update of the program so that the developers can get an idea about how the user interface is going to be.

Right now, the beta update is available to only Pixel devices, and if you want, you can use it if you have an old Pixel device lying around. I would though suggest you not to install this update on your daily device, as of now it is still work in progress and can cause problems.

Google will soon allow other manufacturers like Samsung, OnePlus, Nokia, and others to be a part of the beta program.

Enough talk about this stuff, let’s jump right on to what the new Android brings,

1. App permissions


Android 10 brings a lot of essential changes in permissions. Now you can use individually in apps whether you want this app to use location or not. Also, there is now an option that can disallow an app to use any of the services like location or camera in the background. There’s also an addition of a new icon in the status bar that will let you know when an app is using location, microphone, or camera.

The “Permissions usage” page in Settings has also been completely overhauled to show which permissions are being used by how many of your apps, the ability to filter by permissions to see which apps are using certain ones, and a new UI for the “App info” page.

2. Dark mode system-wide

dark mode in google pixel

Android 10 will bring a dark mode option for a system-wide application. As for January 16, a leak was shared of the beta version that showed a dark mode option. The option gives you a choice to turn the dark mode ON or OFF permanently, and you can also set it to as per daytime. 

As per some images from XDA, the dark mode turns volume box, settings, and status bar. Also, there’s an option in developer settings “override force-dark” this will turn dark some apps that don’t have a native dark mode. 

3. Screen recording


Android 10 is going to bring the option to record your screen. This option in the beta is under developer options in the settings menu. Till now, if you wanted to record your screen, you’ll need any third party app or manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei to give this option.

But in stock Android it was never there; it seems like Android 10 is going to bring that option as an official feature for its users.

You can activate this feature in Settings > Developer options > Flags. After activating, you have the option to record a voice-over to go with your video. 

But right now, in the bets update, I would advise you not to use this feature because the feature is a little buggy. When you start video recording, there should be an option to stop it, but here that option is missing, and currently, there is no way to stop the recording, so as a last resort, you have to switch off the phone and restart it.

But hopefully, we’ll see this as a more stable and permanent version of this feature in the official release.

4. A faster and improved share menu


Have you ever tried to share something in Android? After you click to share, a sharing window opens, but with that, an additional pane opens above it after some delay. This was something that happens with every smartphone, even with flagship specifications.

Now, as per 9to5Google with Android 10, that menu pops up instantly without any delay. This isn’t such a drastic change, but it was a quite needed one. So this an important update. Also, there is a new feature that will show a sharing option when you long-press any icon.

5. Screenshots 


In the new Android now, whenever you take a screenshot, you’ll have a notch cut out, and the borders will now be rounded off. Currently, this is only in Pixel phones, so whenever you share your screenshot to someone, they’ll know that you own a Pixel device. 

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This a kind of a fantastic feature bundled and also one of the unwanted ones. Because of the looks bizarre and not in the right way. Hopefully, we can expect that this won’t be seen in the official release, and if it does make it, it would be the first feature of Android that I’ll hate.

6. Theming option

Android themeing option

Finally, we now have some options to play with different colors and theme Android in our own way. The alternative is not directly available, yet you have to access it from Advanced Developer settings, and you can enable the Developer settings by pressing the build number 7 times. 

For now, you can change the color of notification toggles, and for that, four colors are available Black, Green, Purple, and the default blue. Also, you can change the font system-wide.

There’s also an option to change the icon shape between teardrop, circle, and rounded rectangle. These changes are not massive like Samsung or Huawei provides, but I would say this is the right direction for Android.

7. Other features of Android 10


Some other changes are also there like a redesigned files app; now you can share your WiFi password by using a barcode; also there is now a minor change in status bar which will show you that how many remaining hours of battery you have and there is also a possibility that we might not have back button the Android 10, so there’ll be a home button which will do everything by gestures.

The changes in Android 10 are not that big in visual, but they are done at a micro level to improve the Android user experience. Still, all these features are just in a beta phase, which means Google can also remove any of these from the final build. What feature would you like to see in the official, but? Do tell us in the comments.