Pixel Launcher Alternatives

Most of the best Android Pixel Launcher Alternatives offer easy access to and customization of the home screen. They can make your phone a complete overhaul, from changing its appearance and feel with various logo and theme. Here are some of the best launcher we could find in google play store. Android’s look is changing a lot every year but there are several different launcher for every phone. There are an enormous array of options for stamping Android phones with launchers ranging from simple skins to those which show an explosive array of color on your smartphone. The best launchers can be downloaded for free at Google Play and anywhere in the US.

Which are the best Pixel Launcher Alternatives in 2022?

A launcher is basically an app where it shows your homepage whether your app, widget/app drawer or anything else. Does anyone use Android 4.1 Stock? You’ll find a launcher. If a new smartphone comes out with more features than your previous one you could install Android launchers. Check this list below on the latest and most useful Android launchers for home screen customization in seconds. Find great apps in Android devices in different categories from e-mail to dating apps to podcasts – and much more.

15 best Android launcher apps to make your home screen perfect

We could add Google Pixel Launcher but that application is just for Pixel devices. Win-X Launcher (Google Play) is similar to an emulator for Windows and it is very unusual. It is just similar to emulators for PC and you can also try Win-x Launche.

Wide Launcher

The free Wide Launcher is available for free download. This device is seeking to be different than other launchers with an 3 time bigger main screen. You also have options for customization such as the ability to choose icon styles, themes, decorating stickers and more. Decoration allows unlimited creativity. A separate set of apps called Applets is also included which offers a variety of features and can be displayed on the home screen. Overall, you could go on the road once more if you wanted to try a different thing than usual. Is it conceivable to build my very own launch? Try Niagara. The larger launcher is great for the elderly and Lawnchair2 provides you a Pixel launcher-style experience.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft repositioned Microsoft’s app mid-2017. The app is integrated with many Microsoft service providers, including Microsoft’s calendar, emails and to-do lists app and a straightforward integration with Windows PCs. That was back to beta after the revamping and there may be one or two bugs for now. Microsoft rebuilds this app from the ground and you can try it here if you want. This new version will likely replace this version in this list once it is officially released. It offers additional customization and gesture controls and is available free online. It’s something completely different and specially useful to those interested in a better integration into my Windows machine.

The Pixel Experience

Action launcher is packed with features which get regular updates. Nova launcher is the king of customizable features. Lawnchair is free and carries lots of functionalities. Evie has no paid Google service and Rootless is perfect for all newbie users. Next up: Nova and Action are competitive opponents. Read up on the link a little below to compare the two launchers perfectly. This article will contain links to companies that make affiliate purchases and support Guidance Tech. However, that doesn’t affect editorial integrity. – The contents and stories remain authentic and believable. The content of the article is published January 6 2020 at the end of the page.

Lawnchair Launcher 2

The Lawnchair Launcher is open source. It replicates much of the design and feel from the Pixel Launchers. The original was highly-reviewed by people for its stocklike appearance and the customization feature. This App was published as Lawnchair 2 and is still in beta. It does now include some modern Android features. It contains many similar functions as its original versions including Google Now Integration (with option and free plugin), adaptive icons and several other customizations. The app is also completely free and is available for download at the App Store and through the App Store for iOS 7, 9, 12 or Android 7 software with a price.


Olauncher is another of the newly released app from a Google Android device launcher. The system offers a limited interface, less than average customizations and a distraction-resistant interface. The software deliberately removes common graphic elements like icons in order to minimize the experience. You install it – use it – then don’t get behind it. The application is older and the developer continues to add new features. Yet it’s one of the better launchers to date in a minimalist way. It is available for downloading and installation on the store’s website or via Google Play Store for $99. Alternatively if downloading is paid.

AIO Launcher

Instead of standard screen, launcher’s interface offers information oriented layout for multiple users. The package contains different categories for things like reminders, contacts, dialer, mailbox, the control panel and many other useful data. The premium version gives access to widget support for androids themes and UI developers, icon packs and customized font sizes. All of your apps are easily accessible from one touch – forward or backward. A button on an iPad launches automatically. Atop there’s an Information SYSTEM section. A search button appears from the bottom left of this page so that you have access to other sites.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is free of charge but premium features cost you $3. The most important thing about the app is that the app allows you to control every little detail in the launcher according to the user’s liking. Nova introduced a bugfix solution when the Google feed menu was out of action. You must download Nova’s companion app and Google Home should be on your home screen. Another option provides customization options like gestures, Sesame shortcuts, and more. Download Nova Launcher for Android Download Nova Google Companion to get Google in your Nexus 7 tablet. You can also change the search bar or default search engine.

Action Launcher

Action launcher quickly included many of Pixel’s features into the app. To use Google Feed, you need to download action launcher plugin to see news and all the information quickly. Other features including Action Bash (Similar to Digital wellbeing), Quickdrawer the ability to hide apps, floating widgets and more. Action launchers are free. Premium features are going to cost you $5. Download action Launchers for Android Download action coder for Google feed. I like that Action Launcher offers a variety of ways to launch an app through Quickdrawer and includes at the homepage. I like the multi-level nature.

The best Android launchers you can download today

Nova Launcher is quite useful when balancing features with customization. Lean Launcher is good when you prefer minimal setups while aIO Launcher follows the opposite approach. Smart Launcher 5 will continue adding features and layouts that impress. There are launchers for nearly everyone in Amazon’s search store. Let us tell you the best and most efficient android launchers for your phone. If you desire notifications visible then try Niagara launchers. Lean Launcher is trying to integrate as much information as possible. Even if you don’t prefer it, you can use it to have notifications for your phone.

Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher have a sorted app folder that categorizes all your app in six important categories. The device also has a so-called Smart Search Bar at the bottom of its home page which can be turned into a single-stop-shop to search your personal details. In addition to the custom category customization an extremely interactive mode numerous custom home page widgets grouped in rows are also offered as Premium. Smart Launcher contains several customization options with font styles, themes, icon styles icon appearance, colors, and more to personalize your app. For more information see smart launchers.

Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher has always been popular for the best Android launcher with its simple “flower” preferences grids and grouping of apps folders. The latest Smart Launcher 5 version contains several new features. Adaptive symbols and shades, completely adjustable widgets & additional customizations complete the system. You’re going to need to shell out $7 for the Pro version of Smart Launcher to access the many of these extra features including pop-up widgets and expanded gesture controls. Take advantage of these extra features. Freely download Smart Launcher from the App Store or the Play Store.

Poco Launcher

Free Poco Launcher is the stock Launcher for Pocophone phones. The software is compatible with most of the Android phones. It has a basic layout. There are an icon at the top of its home screen and another tab in the app drawer. It goes light and smooth. This advice is perfect for people using lower and upper end units who prefer something really simple. It also has a privacy function that hides icons from the app drawer if you want to hide them from the home screen if you don’t like the home-screen grid and the app-drawer background. We recommend it for people with lower devices.

Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair launcher is the nearest app to a Pixel that a user will get from the box. By default it adopts a bottom search bar navigation menu, date, time and event widget top, and a similar search field in the app drawer. The mobile application is fully free to use with no ads which further mellows the offer. Lawnchair also offers Google Feed plugins to open Google related menus. It has a Launcher of course. There are no need for many options such as Nova and Action launcher. Download Lawnchair Launcher for Android and download Google plugin for Android here: [link].

Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher is the new baby in the Android launcher block. It sits well between heavier launchers including Action and Nova and the default mobile experience of Lawnchair. The interface is notably stock-stylish without too much flair. There are many customization options including third party icon support, shape changer, theming elements and other cool stuff. I can access Google feeds but you need to make separate downloads as with most of my others. It is new but it already ranks among the best launchers for android and is free and the Download costs $2.99.

Niagara Launcher

Niagara provides minimalistic modern style animations with high definition and is clean. Notifications from your favorites are included on Launcher and allow you to reply without opening an app. The Lite version supports widget and embedded notification and features gesture. Usually extra stuff like calendar and weather widgets and customization options are hidden by a paywall. To balance it out Niagara has absolutely ad-free to balance out its minimal nature. Niagara is a new launcher but its novel approach will help it rise on the list of best Android launches.

BIG Launcher

BIG Launcher prioritizes important apps for seniors including dialer app, mail, gallery, camera and the SOS button. The brightly contrasted homescreen is ideal for a user with low eyesight. It keeps it simple so that it’s not intimidating to the elderly. A monthly fee will unlock additional ways to customization the launcher including text size, full-screen display, navigation bar safe border size and others. In addition to text sizes there are some customization options. This version of the apps American equivalent can be purchased for $99 ($99).

Lynx Launcher

Launcher offers an clean-looking home page with simple and intuitive navigation tools. In addition it provides several customization options and can be downloaded by using the launcher’s website. There is one Pro version that provides you access to screen transitions, advanced theming options and much more. The launcher is free to download and use; however there is a pro version including screen transitions and more. There are 50,000 downloads but not enough for the band to win a fan following. It is published on the Google Playstore.

Lightning Launcher

Lightning Launcher is the most user-friendly Android launcher ever produced. It lets you change nearly anything on your homescreen. And you can use the screen repeatedly for multiple occasions. There are also additional plug-ins translation packages and more offered as free downloads. The app also has a learning curve but it’s worth learning the language and scripting support for the most unique features. It charges $4.99 + $1.99 for a full-size app, Lightning Launcher; available for $15.99 or $10.99 plus a free version for $12.99.

APUS launcher

Launcher APUS is an app which makes it easy to customize your phone. It contains nearly 50,000 wallpapers. It isn’t quite as light or efficient as Pixel Launchers such as Nova Launcher Hyperion or Lawnchair. Others may prefer them to this view. It is free based on ads. Our only real complaint is that you can not buy this app to disable ads. You can hide apps from app drawers with a built-in app lock capability, and some other goodies. Apps are available free. It’s available for iOS and Android.

Apex Launcher

Apex launches an excellent Android 4.3 launcher. Core features include the ability to customize screen dimensions with up to nine screens as well as a scrollable dock. Expandable scroll animations multiple folder styles and multiple style tab files help you personalize your desktop. The paid version of Apex Launcher unlocks a number of options to include new menu controls and theme support. The download costs $8.99 on PlayStore and the paid version goes on sale for $7.99 each.

06 Jan 2020

Google offered a stock Android experience for the product Nexus before the launch of its Chrome and Firefox lines. With the launch of the premium Pixels series the company has begun to offer a mildly custom Pixels user interface out of the box. As Google changed the Pixel UI the launchers such as Napster, Action Lawnchair etc. had begun to have similar customization options. No matter whichever Android phone one chooses using Android Starter can easily replicate and enjoy the Pixel Experience for his Samsung or OnePlus smartphone. Our goal is to show the 10 best Pixel launcher alternative that you can easily use while still maintaining features.

Evie Launcher

Evie feed offers a feed for Yahoo news. The iOS application ignores Sesame shortcuts, Google Drive backup and… It’s an excellent alternative for everyone wanting to leave Google’s ecosystem. Users can also personalize reading by choosing a combination of options. Free of charge with no strings attached. You can hide apps badges, gestures, the ability to change the search engine and much more. Find Evie Launcher – android version here.

Customized Pixel Launcher

Customized Pixel Launcher (CPL) is a free app from the Rootless Launcher project. The free app is reminiscent of the original Pixel Launchers look with a round edge notification dots and badges. CPL also supports The Google feed and At A Glance widgets however you need to install an app from GitHub to use the feed on CPL. For full details visit [link].

Launcher iOS 14

Launcher iOS 14 has an ios 14-esque design from the locked page through the control panel and animations through wallpapering. You can hide apps and customization several aspects of the layout, such as can be found on operating system 14. Android launcher iOS 14 comes to iOS 7 and Android 8.