The tech giant ASUS launched its new laptop from the Zenbook series this year and they have given very innovative touch in the laptops that we have seen in a long time and yes I am counting the touch bar in the new MacBook.


Asus made the touchpad more innovative and turned it into a “screen” and that too a 5.5 inch one. Yes, they have turned the touchpad into a screen which also combines as a secondary display. This may be a little weird at first to think of two screens in a laptop but the secondary display or “ScreenPad” is much more useful and productive than that of the touchbar in MacBook.

One of the highlights of the laptop is it’s processor. The laptop comes with Intel’s 8th generation, six-core i9-8950Hk processor even then also it’s just 18.9mm thick and weighs 1.86kg. Rest laptop sports 4K screen with touch, NVIDIA’s GTX 1050 GPU and offers up to 9.5 hrs of battery life in one charge. 

The screen resides exactly where the touchpad comes in a laptop. The screenpad has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which can play YouTube videos as well as music. Asus says the screen can also support Spotify controls with it. The challenge here will be to drag and drop things from main screen to this screenpad. As per some early reviews there are some problems in dragging the browser window to the screenpad.

It doesn’t work perfectly as we would expect it to work and as a new innovative feature it will have some downsides. But I give credit to Asus for trying. I think Asus has given a promising start and this technology can be made a lot better and useful as the time goes.
Asus has also teamed up with Microsoft to provide better experience of the Microsoft office apps on the ScreenPad. Asus is also going to release a developer kit and is maintaining a website to offer the ScreenPad compatible apps majority of which will be found on the Windows store.