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Oppo Find X : Mesmerizing ?

Following the trend started from Apple many companies launched their flagships with notch his year and many more are to come, but the notch is getting a mixed response from the people but overall it is the best the way we can utilize the display space. But Oppo already got one step ahead and got […]

Asus Zenbook Pro 15 packs Dual Displays

       The tech giant ASUS launched its new laptop from the Zenbook series this year and they have given very innovative touch in the laptops that we have seen in a long time and yes I am counting the touch bar in the new MacBook.                     […]

The Mini iPhone…..

Yup, its right. Today I’m going to introduce you to a really interesting smartphone. Today we are going to take a look at the Sudroi SOYES mini.                                    This phone looks prey much identical to the iPhone but actually this […]

BlackBerry Motion : Same old design, Same old hardware

Hey guys, BlackBerry is back again with a new budget smartphone this time. The BlackBerry Motion like other BlackBerry phones this phone is also well built and can withstand your routine wear and tear.This time looks like BlackBerry decided to focus on consumer complaints and solved all the problems it had in the earlier devices. […]

Google Instant Apps

                 At Google I/O 2016, google gave us first look at a wonderful new feature coming to Android called Instant Apps. Basically, Instant Apps allow you to access a cloud-based version of the app on your Android phone without requiring you to install it from the Play Store. This […]

Android Nougat 7.1 is here !!!

The new android update to the Nougat version 7.0 is here and it brings some cool features on the table and also is missing some.Let’s find out what it has new to offer… Before we proceed let’s clarify that the Android 7.1 for Pixel phones and for Nexus phones will be different. For starters, the Nexuses don’t […]