Apple yesterday unveiled some new service and products that we can say safely are one of a kind Apple products. Apple, yesterday at the company, launched a total of four new services. They are as follows,

Apple TV subscription service

The company is targeting the fan base of popular online video giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This Apple service is a paid, ad-free video portal on which Apple will air it’s own original movies and TV shows.


First celebrities, which will be a part of Apple’s own TV shows, are Jennifer Aniston, whom we all know from the famous TV series FRIENDS, then Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carrell. Among this list, Steven Speilberg is also there who will bring his own TV series.

Till now, nothing about the fees of this Apple service is announced, nor it is known that which TV shows will be aired. But it is clear that Apple has just waged a war against Amazon Prime and Netflix.

The Apple TV+ service will be made available via app across mobile devices as well as Amazon’s Firestick and PCs.

Apple News premium


Apart from the new Apple TV subscription service, Apple will also launch a new premium version of its already existing news app. About a year ago, Apple acquired Texture, which was a news app based on getting news topics based on popular content from Facebook and Twitter.

This new Apple service has a premium price of $9.99 each month. It will provide over 300 premium magazines monthly, and as per CEO Tim Cook, the app’s Human Editor and tightly -controlled selection of news outlets is what will separate the app from the rest of the competition.


Considering the issue of privacy, Apple also said that it wouldn’t allow the advertisers to track users. The app is now available in the US and Canada and will be available for Europe later. The app will only available for Apple devices.

Apple Arcade service


Third, on the list is ad-free subscription-based gaming services. With Apple Arcade you will have more than 100 exclusive games to play. It is only knowing right now that it will be launched in 150 countries.

Developer partners include Konami, Disney, and Lego. Google also recently entered into the gaming industry by launching Google Stadia.

Apple Credit Card


Taking Apple Pay one step forward, Apple has launched its own Credit card. The design of card is by far is the coolest credit card ever. Apple partnered up with Goldman Sach, which those who don’t know is a big investment company located in New York, America.

It has a rewards system that adds 2% of any Apple Pay purchase amount back to the wallet as cash.

You can even get a significant discount on the new Apple Mac Pro and other Apple devices if you pay using the Apple card.

For authentication, you can use a fingerprint or face. For privacy reasons, Apple has said that they won’t know where payments are made or how much.

apple pay

Apple has made the new card out of Titanium and no plastic. There is no CVV, expiry date, or card number; all these will be available in the Apple Pay app. Apple has confirmed that it will waive late charges and overseas fees.

As per the company, the card will be the most significant change in the banking industry in 50 years.

The card will be available from summer in the US, while the availability of it in the rest of the countries is not known yet.