If you liked the Animoji that was exclusive to the iPhone’s only, then Facebook has something similar if not better to offer you. They call have named it‘Facebook Avatars’. So now you don’t need to buy an expensive iPhone to use this feature any smartphone that has the Facebook app will do the job.

But before I tell you how to create your own avatar do keep in mind that there is a significant risk here to do so. Facebook has been involved in multiple data leaks and avatars are not a good reason to start trusting the platform again. So if you do this you will be at risk of losing your sensitive personal data.

Without any further wait let’s begin,

Steps to create your Facebook avatar:

1.First, install the Facebook app (not the lite version) and log in to your account.

2. Tap on the three lines you see on the top right corner of the home page

3. From there scroll down and click on see more to find the Avatars option from the list

4. You will then have to click Next and Get Started

5. You will then first need to select a preferred skin tone from 27 options and then tap Next

6. Now you will have to choose the type of hairstyle you want for your avatar. You have a Short, Medium, and Long variety of options to choose the hair length. After selecting that you can choose the color by tapping on the Colour icon.

7. Next, you’ll need to select the shape, complexion and face lines for the Face of your avatar

8. After the Face comes the option to decide how your eyes will look like. Tap on the Eye icon and select the eye shape, color, and lash length. You can also choose to have glasses on or not.

9. You now get to customize the nose and mouth. Select your nose shape and then mouth shape. There is also the option to add lip color and facial hair like beard or mustache.

10. Now it’s time to select your avatar’s body shape and select what kind of outfit it’ll have. You can also choose to add a scarf and hat to go with your outfit

11. Once you’ve customized everything, you can tap the icon on the right upper corner. Tap Next and then Done, and you now have the Facebook avatar that you want.

Granted, the process is a bit long and complicated, but it is easy to follow. If you do everything right, it’ll take about 10-15 minutes to give a look you want to your avatar. You can use the Facebook avatar by tapping on the emoji icon in the comments on Facebook and Messenger apps.

You can easily share it with other social media apps like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. But it then will be shared in the form of an image, which, to be honest, doesn’t look as good.

Compared to this iPhone Animoji, scan your Face, and then as per that, the look is finalized. Since not many phones will have the advanced IR sensor to scan Face except iPhones, the approach Facebook has taken is better.

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