Over the past few events, Facebook has been facing brutal backlash from users as well as government bodies. The company’s image has taken serious hit regarding some of its privacy issues.

Now to add a cherry on top some iPhone users have reported that the Facebook app uses their rear camera when they open the app. Many users observed the camera was in use while they were scrolling thought the newsfeed in Facebook’s app.

The bug was discovered by Joshua Maddux, owner of web design firm 95Visual, and he took it to Twitter to report his discovery. He posted a video on Twitter which shows his rear camera being used while he was on Facebook.

Facebook’s Vice President of Integrity Guy Rosen admitted that it was indeed a bug. But users with iOS 13 were only affected by this. This bug was appearing in version 246 of the app. Guy Rosen later confirmed that the company has found the bug and also released version 247 to Apple store which fixes the bug.

Chris Morales, head of a security firm analytics firm Vectra located in Silicon Valley said: “This is mostly a harmless bug that allows Facebook to use the camera but it is not a compromise or breach of personal data or privacy.”

The fix is on way but till then the easiest thing users can do is turn off camera access to the Facebook app from settings.

This bug aside but the company has been in light for multiple privacy controversies like Cambridge Analytics data breach to a hack of more than 50m accounts in 2018. It has faced a fair share of anti-trust issues from many countries.

Also not to forget that the company’s executive Mark Zuckerberg faced heated examination by Congress. It was last month over the matter of advertising policies and election.

It is a big responsibility for a company with 1.7bn users to regulate privacy issues. If it fails then not only the company but it’s users also have to face consequences.

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Either Facebook or Zuckerberg at least one of them needs to take responsibility and stop the series of privacy leaks. Otherwise soon a day will come when Facebook will have a lot to worry than their image.

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