At Google I/O 2016, google gave us first look at a wonderful new feature coming to Android called Instant Apps. Basically, Instant Apps allow you to access a cloud-based version of the app on your Android phone without requiring you to install it from the Play Store. This will not only save users time and effort, but they’ll also allow companies to let people demo what’s essentially a full version of their app before installing it.Google has rolling out the instant apps but to only a few number of selected devices like Nexus series and the Pixel XL and Pixel. 

Further down the line, Google says developers interested in the system will need to update their software with instant apps functionality, then “modularize’ it so small segment can be downloaded as run to fly. Currently it is available only for few selected devices, but soon like google assistant it will be provided to other Android phones also.

I haven’t tested this feature yet but if anyone has please share your experience in the comments below.