how to check your Facebook messages without letting the sender know

Sometimes you get Facebook messages, and you want to know what the other person sent, but you don’t want to let the sender know that you read it. We have all been there. Here are a few reasons why you might want to do this:

1. You want to know what information they send you, but you don’t want them to know that you read it.

2. It’s not a convenient time to reply, maybe it’s the middle of your workday and you don’t want to seem too available to chat.

3. Maybe it’s someone you are upset with or an ex and you are curious to see what they are saying, but don’t want them to know you were even curious enough to look.

4. It could be that you are waiting for other information to be able to get back to the person, or you are still performing research for the person, but don’t want to admit that you haven’t finished

5 You simply want time to ponder the message before you reply, which is probably the most common reason.

Whatever your reason, if this is something you have done before, I have found a way for you to be able to read your messages without letting the sender know that you did so.

Facebook does not make it simple to do this, but it isn’t that difficult.

Can you open a Facebook message without the sender knowing?

As soon as you open a chat on Facebook Messenger, your messages are marked as read. Unfortunately, you can’t turn off read receipts.

If you long-press on a chat, you might see an option to mark it as unread. But this doesn’t delete the read receipt. It is just a tool for sorting your chats. There’s no way to read messages without the other person knowing if you don’t use methods below.

Can you turn off read receipts on messenger?

You can read messages without the sender knowing

There are different ways to read your Facebook messages without the sender knowing. You can read them from the Messenger app and on a PC. These tricks work great!

1: From the notification screen of your phone.

If you get a message on Facebook, you will get a notification on your phone. You can read the message without letting the other person know by reading it under notifications and not clicking on it when you get the notification.

If you see a notification for a message, you can tap it and read the message without them knowing. When you tap on the notification, your read receipt will not be generated unless you go to the chat screen.

2: Send it to spam!

If there are many messages, you may not be able to read them all. You can send them to spam and read them there.

To do this, just open your Messenger app and long press on a chat. Select Ignore messages.

This chat will not send you notifications if it is moved to Spam. To stay in this chat, ignore this message. You can find the spam folder by clicking on your profile icon at the top left corner of the app.

Click on Message Requests and then the Spam tab. Read the messages in full right here without them knowing!

The read receipts in chat are turned off if the chat is spam. It means the other person won’t know when you read their messages. To start getting notifications again, just reply to them with a message and then the chat will stop being spam.

3: You can turn off the internet connection before opening chat

If you want to read messages without the person being able to see, turn off your internet before opening the chat.

Using this method, the facebook messenger app will not see that you have read the messages. This also means that the person who sent them will not know either. When you want to read messages without anyone knowing, press down on the quick settings button and turn airplane mode on.

Now that you read the messages, close the app before turning on your Internet.

4: How to read a facebook message without anyone knowing on a desktop browser

If you are on Facebook from a PC, as soon as you get a message, a pop up chat will come to your computer. You can read the message there. But you should not click on the chat or visit Facebook Messenger unless you want that person to know that you have seen their message.