Facebook Messages are very popular. Messenger took the top spot as the Most downloaded app of the year 2019. Not only messenger, but Facebook is solely responsible for the four apps that were downloaded the most in the whole 2010s decade. That four apps include Facebook, Facebook Messanger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Messanger has been a perfect app for all the Facebook users out there, but unlike WhatsApp, it fails to offer some quintessential features. When someone sends you a Facebook message, it can immediately notify the sender that you have read their message and also shows them the time that you saw it.

Previously you needed to reply to the Facebook messages in real-time, and there were no read receipts. If you missed any message, then later you can explain why you missed out on their message.

Now, Facebook wants to give you a real-time experience of chatting with a friend, so they have introduced the read receipts, stickers, and even video calling feature all in the messenger app. But for all the stalking girlfriends out there, the real-time read receipts feature should have been optional.

While there are some ways to get around the read receipts on the desktop version, but there are only a few options left for the Android version. Don’t fret, and I have two apps that can rescue you from your misery of stalking girlfriends and other agonies the read receipt brings.

Fortunately, unlike iOS, Android is an open-source platform and provides more opportunity to developers. There are two apps available that show you the message received in the messenger before even opening the chat head.

The one that I would recommend to you is Privy Chat for Facebook; it is only available for Android. As I mentioned earlier, there are two apps; the other one is Unseen; it is also available as a browser plugin for desktop and laptop users.

Let’s see how to set up the Privy chat app,

  1. Head on to the Google Play store on your phone and search for ‘Privy Chat’ and install it on your phone.
  2. Open the app and login with your Facebook credentials if you are login for the first time.
  3. When you receive Facebook messages instead of opening the chat head, go to the ‘PrivyChat,’ and you will be able to see your message there.
  4. You will be able to see all your recent messages in the app. If you want to, you can also refresh the app and see what new messages you have received.
  5. Unfortunately, Facebook currently doesn’t allow third-party apps access to media attachments such as videos, photos, and music files. So you will only be receiving the text messages in the Privy chat app.
  6. To mark messages read just open the messenger app. Your media will appear there that doesn’t appear in the privy chat app.

Summing it up

These are the features that Privy Chat provides, but it also has some limitations. But you can surely see your text messages, but without the read receipts here. The Unseen app available only shows you the last unread message and cannot view your past sent messages.

Can you open a Facebook message without the sender knowing?

If you want to read a message in Facebook messenger just turn off you mobile internet and turn your phone to flight mode. You can then open the messenger app and read the message without letting the sender know.

Can you turn off read receipts on messenger?

Head to the Settings > Chat features then toggle off the “Send read receipts” if you see the option. Facebook says that it is important for people to know that their messages are being seen.

Do ignored messages show as delivered?

In messenger if you ignore the chat thread, you will receive all the messages the messenger will mark them as sent only and not delivered.

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