WhatsApp has been one of the most favorite chat apps around the world. One of the reasons is the app’s ability to work on various platforms. You can use it on Android, iOS, and even works well on desktop computers using just browser.

But Apple has this habit of making products that have an end to end control, and this results to some difficulties when you decide to move to a new phone. Therefore to make the process I have some steps that you can follow,

How to export WhatsApp chat from iPhone

  1. Open you WhatsApp
  2. Swipe left on the chat that you have to backup
  3. Tap on the More button from the menu
  4. Select Export chat and from options select Mail
  5. Enter your email address and tap on send

After you click to send the chat along with all the media files will be exported to your entered email. Id. I’ll show you how you can get all the chats back from email id to you WhatsApp in Android. If you have many active conversations in your feed, then you may have to repeat this process multiple times. I know it’s time-consuming, but trust me, the rest of the process is straightforward.

How to import WhatsApp chat form email to Android

  1. Open your email app on Android
  2. Download the email with all the chats.
  3. Uninstall Whatsapp from your phone
  4. Download and install it again from the PlayStore
  5. Open Whatsapp and go through the setup process
  6. When prompted, tap on the Restore button
  7. Then press on Next button at the bottom

As the process to restore chats finishes off your chats will appear on the home screen in Whatsapp. I know this is a rather extensive process, but I’ll guarantee that it surely works. There are many apps available that claim to do this for you, but most of them are a scam, and the ones that work require some kind of payment to success features.

Import chats easily from Android to Android

If you are switching from your old Android phone to a new one, then the process is very short with just a few steps to follow,

  1. Open Whatsapp and tap on three dots on the right side corner
  2. Select settings
  3. Tap on chats
  4. Select chats backup
  5. Tap on the option backup to ‘Google Drive.’
  6. Select the backup frequency you like
  7. Choose the Google account whose Google Drive you want to use
  8. Toggle include videos if you want to backup them too

Once you set this up, then call the chats will be backed up automatically as per their predefined frequency. This makes it easier to switch your phones when you choose to. To gain all your data again from Whatsapp, just select the same Google account and all chats and media will be automatically restored as it is.

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