How to get more Instagram followers?

This is the question everybody has been asking nowadays.

Instagram is currently the most used social media platform in the world after Facebook and YouTube. Since the launch of stories and Instagram TV (IGTV), they are encouraging more and more users to use both functions.

Similar to Snapchat, Instagram stories are also a great way to promote content and Instagram prefers stories more rather than videos.

More and more content creators are making videos specifically for IGTV to get more Instagram followers and reach a wide range of audiences. In the world of internet content is always the king and in a platform like Instagram, it is very important how good and attractive is your content looking.

1. Switch to Business profile first
2. Get your agenda straight
3. Use high-quality images for your Instagram posts
4. Get creative
5. Text do matters
6. Use tags properly in Instagram stories and posts
7. Create your account bio to clearly indicate your niche
8. Entice your audience with teasers to boost your product sales
9. Reply to all your DMs
10. Consistency is the key in Instagram

1. Switch to Business profile first

It is free and easy to switch from a personal profile to a business account on Instagram. Just go to settings in the app, click on ‘switch to business profile’ and boom you are done.

Business profile offers you a lot of perks to growing your brand. You can use Instagram’s built-in analytics tool called ‘Insights’.It will give you the ability to see when your audience interacts mostly with your individual posts.

You can also promote your posts by running ads from the app directly instead of going to Facebook’s advertising tools. The business profile can also enable you to add a contact button to your profile.

Just like when someone clicks contact on your website, the contact button on your Instagram profile will take them directly to their email app or phone app to call.

2. Get your agenda straight

Instagram followers

Instagram is a big platform so you need to have an account that people can easily find. Get your agenda straight

If you want to be successful with your account and get more Instagram followers to reach more people you need to get your goal straight. As per my experience, the more specific your niche is the more easily you will draw attention.

For example, if your niche is about Fashion, then don’t just upload random images with people wearing random things. Be specific that what you want to show your followers. Instead of showing everything you can just show images of something like ‘unique hats.

It can be anything that you like, even if it is weird. On a platform like Instagram where almost 1 Billion people visit it is likely that you’ll find your fan following easily with the right content.

3. Use high-quality images for your Instagram posts

It is important to nail the basics right, and this cover using high quality and attractive images. I can’t stress enough on this, any image you are using needs to be of high resolution.

Your profile will be the first thing a visitor will see and based on your previous posts they will analyze whether they should follow you or not. If the images are good and offer something meaningful then you have yourself a new follower.

Instagram also promotes posts with high-quality images, so there is no other option for this you need to do this.

4. Get creative

canva templates

Even if it is just your Instagram story you need it to be eye-catching for your audience. When it comes to posting in your account feed, try to create more colorful content as such content easily draws a user and if it is combined with an awesome caption then you can even add the viewer to your follower’s list.

This is what I do and suggest you as well, go the Instagram search and type in keywords that match your niche. This will give you accounts similar to your account and see how they post their stories. this will give some ideas to improve your Instagram stories.

You can also use platform like Canva, here you can find very attractive designs for your stories

5. Text do matters

When it comes to Instagram people tend to forget to focus on the caption in their post. It is important that you write an eye-catching caption, the reason for this is no matter how amazing your image is it will be tough to get the viewer to click that follow button. Let’s look at some of the posts here,

Instagram tips and tricks

As you see in the posts here, the caption here makes the viewer curious and leads them directly to your profile.

Also one of the important things is that you can make your captions as descriptive as you can. I will suggest to add at least 4-5 lines of description. You can use characters to separate the text, this way it is easier to go through the text quickly.

6. Use tags properly in Instagram stories and posts

instagram hashtags tips

You can improve the reach of your Instagram posts to a great extent by using proper hashtags. While for stories you can use hashtags as well as location tags also.

Instagram gives a limit of 30 hashtags that you can use in your post. This is more than enough for everyone, however, depending upon the strength of your audience there are few things you can do.

If you have a smaller follower base <1000 than I would suggest you to use at least 15-20 hashtags and if your account has more than >5000 then you can use less than 5 hashtags. Also, it is ok to not use any hashtags if you have a couple hundred thousand followers.

I would also personally advise you to use locations tags in every post and story. The reason for this is that Instagram also provides content based on location and if you have tagged properly your post there is a better chance that your post can appear at the top.

7. Create your account bio to clearly indicate your niche

Your bio is the first impression of your account. The first thing to do when they like is going to your profile to see if they should follow you or not. It is true that the number of followers will increase the chances of someone following you but the bio text also makes a huge difference.

Try and keep your text clear and direct if you want to get more Instagram followers. People shouldn’t have difficulty figuring what niche your account belongs to. Here is the format that I would suggest you should follow:

  1. The first line should be about your industry, in which category does your posts fall into. My advice is to be as specific as possible.
  2. This line will be a short description of what your company or brand offers.
  3. The final point will be a call to action. This line should include a link to subscribe to your website’s newsletter or a link to your YouTube channel.

8. Entice your audience with teasers to boost your product sales

Drawing your audience’s attention requires big efforts. Whenever you are looking to unveil new products post a sharp attractive image with a caption that awakens the curiosity of the user.

You can also advertise them smartly and a number of like will just keep piling on. Unplanned ads with poor presentation can look like spam to the viewers and will just won’t perform well.

Just take a look at this Instagram post from Starbucks, they have used the image smartly and announced an upcoming seasonal drink. It is effortless and doesn’t seem pushy at all.

If it seems too pushy then you’ll lose a lot more then you were looking to earn. Gentle product teasers with attractive images and smart captions increase the viewer’s excitement and keep them wanting more. So, eventually, they will start following you.

9. Reply to all your DMs

No matter how big or small your account is, take proper time out and reply to all the messages you receive in your post. They also take their time to message you; therefore, in order to build a long term relationship replying is important.

It doesn’t matter whether the comment is positive or negative even if you have a small account with a few hundred followers you should reply to every comment. The simple act of showing you’re your audience is listening to their inputs. This goes a long way in building a community and long term conversation.

The more comment, DMs, and shares you receive on your post, the more credible your profile become and the more chances are for your post to rank higher.

10. Consistency is the key in Instagram


When it comes to gaining an audience or increasing your followers on Instagram there is no fixed strategy.

It’s a trial and error process. You have to keep experimenting to know what your audience may like and once you hit that right then it’s just a matter of time and your posts will start gaining attraction.

Also, it is important to be consistent. Most people play it random like 1 posts a day then no post next day and then they’ll post 2-3 posts in one day. Don’t do this, try posting twice a day and keep the timing the same. This way your followers will know when your new post is coming.

  • Pro Tip: Try posting a minimum of 5-6 stories a day and spread them in a day, don’t try to post too many stories at a time. Also, short videos of 20-30 seconds can increase your popularity.

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