Huawei P40 Pro resurfaced online via Weibo taking the all-screen term to a whole new level.

While the Samsung S20 launch is near, that’s not the only premium phone that we expect to see in the first quarter of 2020. Huawei, despite many setbacks and controversies, is still focused on providing its customers the best camera phones with premium specifications.

The company is prepping for the launch of Huawei P40 Pro. They usually launch P series phones after their Mate flagships. While the device has been involved in a lot of leaks and rumors, a recently surfaced image from Weibo gives us a closer look at the device.

The device seems to have a pretty thing or almost no bezels and therefore has a big screen that may be practically impossible to use with one hand. But unlike Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro, the P40 Pro does have physical volume buttons. While Mate 30 has a virtual button that gives only haptic feedback.

While having no physical buttons sounds kind of fun, it does have it’s own limitations. First, there is no way to reboot your phone if any software malfunction occurs. Another is you have to hold the phone in a specific position to operate the phone using virtual buttons. There might be a learning curve, but it is sufficient to say that it will take some time to get there.

Huawei P40 Pro, the specs we know

The photo surfaced online shows a pill-shaped camera layout on the top left side of the display. So the dual-camera setup is expected to have a 32MP primary sensor.

You can also see the Waterfall display has to be wrapped around the sides of the device. There is little to almost no bezel on the front portion of the phone, which I would say is an extremely well-done job from Huawei.

huawei p40 pro

Unfortunately, the photo only reveals the front portion, so I can’t say what the rear camera setup will look like. But there is a photo from leaks that says this is how the Huawei P40 may end up looking like.

Other leaks suggest that the phone will pack 52MP Sony sensors. The quad-camera layout in the back will have 10x zoom capabilities. They might also be equipped with uniques Quad Bayer Technology that helps to shoot photos in dark environments. As a flagship device, the phone will be running on a HiSilicon Kirin 990 processor that comes with 5G support.

There is no word about when the device will be launched officially. But it is indeed evident that it will be launching in the first quarter of this year. Do you think you will buy a Huawei phone with no Google services support but one of the best cameras available on a smartphone?

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