A new device from Xiaomi is all set to make entry into the Indian market. It’s the new Mi Notebook and it is expected to launch on June 11 in India. The managing director of Xiaomi Manu Kumar Jain recently revealed in a tweet that the new notebook would pack Intel’s latest 10th generation core i7 chip.

Due to the COVID-19 widespread effect, most launch events are happening online, so the Mi Notebook launch will be held online and is expected to kick off at 12 PM via the company’s website. As per the recent images floating online, I can tell you how the device might look like.

Mi Notebook Features

Xiaomi has promised that the Mi Notebook will feature 12-hour battery life. Other hints also revealed that the notebook would have a slim bezel full HD IPS display resulting in a larger screen to body ratio. It might also pack an Nvidia GPU. The screen size is currently unknown.

In a teaser video, it is also visible that the laptop’s back has no logo, so it is safe to say that the logo will be placed at the bottom of the screen. The company also claimed in the teaser that the laptop would be a lot lighter than other notebooks in the same price range.

Xiaomi has a wide range of devices in China, but not the same can be said about India. This year they expanded their smartphone lineup by launching the new flagship phone Mi 10 5G. So now, the company is entering the laptop market with its latest Mi Notebook offering. The notebook is made especially for the Indian market, and it is not the same device that the company launched in China.

In addition to this model, Xiaomi will also launch a Mi Notebook Horizon Edition. The Horizon edition is expected to include a 14-inch full HD bezel-less display, DTS Audio support, and Solid-state drive capability for storage.

The price will be something we will have to keep an eye for to see how the company positions the laptop; they can get either price it to be an affordable Notebook or put a premium price tag to compete directly with the likes of Samsung, Apple, and other top manufacturers.

Let’s talk about the Redmibook 14

Xiaomi already has a laptop available that is the Redmibook 14 that was launched in China in August 2019. The company might launch the Redmibook 14 in the Indian market this year.

It might be a new device but the laptop doesn’t feature the latest specs, it currently offers an 8th gen Intel i7 chip instead of the latest 10th gen. It features an all-metal unibody design and weighs just 1.5 kg.

Other specs include an MX250 graphics card, 14 inches full HD display, 10 hrs of battery life, and DTS surround sound.

If we compare the specs, it is very similar to the upcoming Mi Notebook but with the latest specs. The Redmibook might be the budget version for the Mi Notebook in India. It has good specs on the sheet, a good design, and can be very popular as a budget-friendly thin and light laptop.

One thing is sure that it will be launched after the Mi Notebook; if not so then it could steal the show from Mi Notebook, and that’s something that the company doesn’t want.

Pricing and Availability

So far, if I talk about the pricing, the Mi Notebook might cost above 50,000 price tag. This price only will give them a competitive edge over other manufacturers. In this price range, they can deliver then this may challenge the Surface and MacBook lineup.

There are many questions on whether the company would be able to deliver on their promises or not. In the past, Xiaomi has launched Mi Notebook devices and even a gaming-centric laptop, but they somehow failed to stand out.


Both laptops are now available to buy from Mi official store. The Mi Horizon costs Rs 59,999 for the i7 10th generation model while the Mi Notebook costs Rs 41,999 for the i5 10th generation model.

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