Moto Razr is set to be shipped early and may reach to US buyers by February 25. But the numbers of buyers may fall soon, how you may ask. Let’s see,

After the Samsung Galaxy Fold initial launch, the company faced a massive backlash. The early reviewers who had been given the phone to test found many problems. The display was going black on one side and in many cases, even died after a few uses.

So they delayed the official launch, solved the issues and relaunched the device later this year. And you can say this time the users were very delighted.

Looking at the success of Galaxy Fold, Motorola also jumped the gun and decided to bring back their legacy device and phone with the most revolutionary design at that time, the Moto Razr. But this new device came with a foldable screen. The device has taken up the industry by storm.

A lot of early impressions indicate that finally, Motorola being the first to bring smartphones can finally give some boost to their smartphone lineup. The device is undoubtedly a piece of marvel. Unlike other foldable phones like Galaxy Fold 2 and Huawei Mate X, the Moto Razr opens up vertically.

The flip design will take you back to the days when the original Razer. The phone brought up a revolution, and everybody wanted one.

If you think we have had only three foldable phones, including the Razr. So the flexible display technology is still in the early phase.

The flip test that went wrong,

In a recent test by CNET, they found that the phone could only be folded 28,000 times in its lifetime before it breaks. This is too low compared to 120,000 folds of the Samsung Fold, which went under the same test. The test was performed by Foldbot, which was made by SquareTrade. They just opened and closed the phone repeatedly with the help of the foldbot.

Although the phone didn’t completely die, the hinge started becoming wobbly and won’t open and shut without any resistance. The test condition isn’t the actual representation of how a user will use the device day today. But it did give a fair idea about the durability of the device.

What’s next for Moto Razr?

When Moto Razr came out with its new hinge, I thought that this could be an actual foldable phone for day to day use. But my expectations were short-lived. The foldable screen technology has advanced but not up to the mark that we can use it every day.

I hope the next foldable phone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, with the same vertical flip design as Moto Razr, is durable. It not it will take two strikes in a row for the South Korean tech giant.

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