Oppo smartwatch, the company’s first wearable tech will feature Electrocardiograph (ECG) built-in with a square-shaped design. ECG appeared first with Apple Watch Series 4 model in 2018.

Most Chinese companies like Oppo are known in the past to copy the design aesthetics of Apple products. When it comes to Apple, many manufacturers have tried but failed; from one look, you can say that these are just rip-offs. RealMe recently unveiled their RealMe Buds Air, which looks very identical to the Apple Airpods but costs a one-fourth of the Airpods.

If you think that was too much, Oppo is planning to unveil Oppo smartwatch with ECG support and square design, which is much similar to Apple watch. The company is not only adopting Apple watch’s design but also its features.

At it’s ‘Inno Day 2019’ conference held in Shenzhen last month, the company gave some details for its upcoming products. Oppo plans to launch smartwatches, wireless headphones, and more 5G supported devices in the first quarter of this year.

From this, it is clear that we might see Oppo smartwatches soon. Oppo Vice President Brian Shen last year took a dig at the Xiaomi’s Mi Watch for its design being too similar to Apple’s smartwatch. Ironically, the company is now launching its own Oppo smartwatches not only with the same design but also a similar feature.

Oppo is certainly not the first company after Apple to introduce ECG in their smartwatches. Big companies like Samsung, Amazfit, and Huawei are already way ahead of Oppo in the race.

The round face of the watch adds more familiarity with the conventional watches, while a square design isn’t that subtle. Vice President Brian Shen also stated in one of the interviews that square layout is better for smartwatches as they provide a better room for interaction. Therefore Oppo smartwatch will feature a square design instead of the conventional round-shaped dial.

Apple Watch’s ECG feature has saved many lives, which ultimately boosted the smartwatch as the king of the market. Apple Watch is currently the most sold smartwatch worldwide. But sadly, the watch doesn’t support Android phones.

Oppo smartwatch is good news for Android users if it is half as good as the Apple Watch. Hardly anyone can match Apple in terms of quality, so it seems an impossible task for Oppo. Then also, it might be exciting to see how close the Oppo smartwatch can come.


There is no information about launch dates or what the prices will be. For now, there is only information that the company is planning to launch a smartwatch in the first quarter this year. There is a possibility that we might see the watch launch at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020 next month.

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