The company in India recently launched the Oppo Watch, and as of now, it is on sale via Amazon. As the market share of OPPO increases, the smartphone maker is considerably improving the value that its devices provide for the price tag. Oppo Reno 4, a flagship phone from the company, has been well received by the reviewers for its camera and overall user experience.

Current scenario of the Android Smartwatch market

Let’s talk about the condition of the Android smartwatch market; to be honest, it’s not very significant. Despite having big players like Samsung and Huawei, the Apple watch series tops every year. Since the launch of the Apple Watch 3 Series in 2017, it has been dominating the smartwatch market. The astonishing fact is they only entered the market in 2015 while Samsung has been in the market since 2013.

The main reason for this is the poorly made Android Watch OS. In its best smartwatches, even Samsung has not been able to remove all the bugs and just make the smartwatch run smoothly after paired.

I mean, Google is also not at fault here, they have to make the OS in a way that it can work in multiple devices with different hardware. On the other hand, Apple optimizes the software just the best way possible to work with its hardware.

Let’s talk about the Oppo Watch now

From the first look, only you’ll know that it resembles somewhat to the Apple Watch. In fact, at first glance, you’ll even say that it is an Apple Watch. But it is not considered a bad thing, as Steve Jobs said, ‘Good artists inspire while great artists steal.’ I mean, the watch does look good.

It is made entirely of Aluminium, and the rubber straps it comes with are also of excellent quality. It weighs 39.2 grams and comes in two size options that are 41mm and 46mm. There are two physical buttons on the side of the watch. Among these two, one is the home button, and the other one can be programmed the way you want. Functions like activating Google Assistant and switching between apps can be done with one button push.

As the watch is designed same as Apple Watch, you don’t have too many options for bands and straps. So it will take time to get third-party straps and bands for your Oppo Watch. But soon you’ll have a wide variety of brands available to choose from to style your watch as you like

Let’s talk about the Oppo Watch display

You get two options for different screen sizes; one is the 41 mm variant, and the second one is the 46mm variant. The 46mm comes with a pixel density of 326 PPI while the 41mm has 301 PPI.


The display is AMOLED, and Oppo has curved the glass around the edges so well that you can you will have fun using gestures on the smartwatch. The Watch has a bright, crispy, and color accurate display. So you will have no problem to see check notifications on your smartwatch during the daylight. There are many watch faces available for you to customize to get your family and friends’ attention. 

Watch OS

Now let’s talk about the software part, which is I am most excited about. Oppo has customized Watch OS and uses its own Color OS skin on top. It brings the play store support to the smartwatch. This means you can install all the media apps like Spotify, Strava and Google Play music without even picking up your smartphone. 

One feature the Oppo watch has that Apple has been missing is the ability to track your sleep cycles. You need to install the Google fit app to synchronize all your sleep data to the cloud. 

The watch also comes with a heart rate sensor that is accurate close to the apple watch. It is 2020, and most smartwatches in fitness bands have this feature, but they are not accurate, so if you notice any anomaly, you should visit a doctor.

Oppo Watch Performance

It is smooth in general use, and most of the credit goes to the Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 3100. There are no stutters or lags in day-to-day operations. You can interact with notifications quite smoothly. If you often use your smartwatch to reply text, I would suggest going with the 46mm variant because it offers more surface area to work with. 

Along with the Snapdragon, processor oppo has also used its own Ambiq Micro Apollo3 Wireless SoC. A combination of both will give you a power-packed smartwatch performance.

Talking about the battery life oppo promises that the watch can deliver 21 days of battery life. But this is the case if you use the watch in power saving mode where it will only show you time, count your steps, and do basic health tracking.


You need to connect the smartwatch to a Wi-Fi network, and you will be lucky if your watch makes it through the next day. Unfortunately for the price range, there is no LTE version; you only have a Wi-Fi version, so your watch depends on Wi-Fi and your smartphone. 

It is good indeed that at this price range, oppo has been offering there VOOC charging feature, which fully charges the oppo watch from 0 to 46% in just 15 minutes, and it takes about 75 minutes to 100% percent.

The overall battery life depends on how you use your smartwatch. If you keep using it connected to the network and use services like navigation, texting, answering calls, then you will need a charger by the end of the day. In the best-case scenario, the watch can make it to one and a half or two days with a single charge. 

Final Words

Battery life is where the oppo watch lacks behind because if you are a power user, the watch barely gets you through a day. This is a natural oppo head to cut corners somewhere.

Watch is now available to buy from Amazon and starts with a price tag of rupees ₹14,990 while the 46mm variant costs ₹19,990. This is a better deal than the Galaxy watch active to which is price around ₹24,090

Finally, I would say that the Android smartwatch has been let down, but with the price tag oppo, the smartwatch is easy to recommend to anyone who wants smartwatch and uses Android phones.

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Oppo Smartwatch FAQ (Yoast):

When Oppo Watch will launch in India?

Oppo smartwatch is available to buy from Amazon from 6 August for a price tag of ₹19,990

Does Oppo Watch make a call?

Yes. The watch does not have sim card capability but it can connect to your phone via Bluetooth or can connect to WiFi and you can use any online social app like Skype or Whatsapp to make calls

What is the storage in Oppo Watch?

Both the 41mm and 46mm variants come packed with 8GB of storage from which 4.3GB is free to use.