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Apple launches new devices now with even bigger displays

Apple yesterday revealed it’s new line of products which included three new phones and a new Apple watch. The new phones include iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR with dual sim support this time. The Max here is the biggest phone the company has ever launched also bigger than any phone in the […]

LG launches world’s first 88-inch 8K OLED TV

This year in the IFA 2018 LG launched its 8K OLED TV. While there were some other brands also to launch their 8K resolution TV’s but LG’s TV is one of the kind. The TV LG launched is the world’s first 88″ inch TV in the world. This is the feature that attracted most of […]

Android P is here and now the P is officially Pie

After previous year’s release of Oreo, this year is for Android P which is now Android Pie The Android p has many new visual improvements over the user interface and a lot of under the hood improvements this year’s version. Many features like several features powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), new and improved lockscreen UI […]

Macbook Pro 2018:The Final Verdict

Apple’s new most powerful MacBook Pro is here and making a lot of noise since its arrival and the reason is it’s latest i9 processor and it’s sleek design. Let me tell you where it all started, a few weeks ago YouTuber Dave Lee posted a video showing the latest Macbook 15 inch model slowing […]

Oppo Find X : Mesmerizing ?

Following the trend started from Apple many companies launched their flagships with notch his year and many more are to come, but the notch is getting a mixed response from the people but overall it is the best the way we can utilize the display space. But Oppo already got one step ahead and got […]