• Samsung Galaxy Z flip might cost between $860 to $1300.
  • It is expected to be unveiled in San Francisco on February 11
  • It might pack a 6.7-inch display, 10MP selfie camera, and 15W fast charge ability.

The rumors of Samsung unveiling another foldable phone at the company’s February 11 Samsung Unpacked event are more reliable now. The South Korean tech giant is expected to launch the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip between $860 to $1,295 in San Francisco.

One of the latest rumored highlights is that the company might use an ‘Ultra-thin glass’ instead of using the plastic display as we saw in the Galaxy Fold.

Even with all the flaws and not to mention the first launch resulted in a total failure of Galaxy Fold, the first Samsung foldable phone has been sold over half a million devices in 2019 and has built a solid fan base.

All of these sounds like things are going the company’s way finally as after the Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco and Galaxy Fold’s screen issues, the company was due for some successful innovative product. Samsung galaxy Z Flip might just do that for the company.

From images, it certainly looks like the success of Motorola Razr v3 has inspired Samsung to go from Horizontal foldable screen to vertical flip display.

Also, the price tag of Motorola Razr v3 is close to $1,500 compared to which prices of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip are undoubtedly low. The device is expected to pack two primary cameras in back and a 10MP selfie camera for the front screen. The Samsung foldable phone may also feature a display with a size of 6.7- inch. Although it is disappointing that the phone might feature a smaller battery with 15W fast charging.

Recently, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone is thought to have made it’s way to China 3C certification database. It showcases the serial number SM-F700, which matches with certain earlier leaks. Other rumors indicate that the Samsung foldable phone will feature 5G and 8K video recording ability.

As reported by the Androidcentral the glass display also sounds like a confirmed feature as the company applied for trademarks earlier in Europe for the Samsung Ultra thing glass or UTG, so it seems like this is the kind of display needed for the next feature.

From all these, it is clear that this doesn’t sound good for Motorola Razr at all. Samsung is planning to launch a much powerful, better, and less expensive flip phone in just a few days.

Also, the shipping of Razr has been delayed, and if Samsung foldable phone turns to be something as close as what we saw in rumored images, the Razr is in dead water before it even starts shipping.

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