Sony is a pretty big brand considering its name in the sound industry. Every earphone of the company has been a successful product and very well known for its noise cancellation. Since the launch of AirPods from Apple, the earphones have created quite a buzz with its unique design.

After the success of AirPods, we have seen more and more wireless earphones coming out with new designs. While some have been a success while others were a bad option compared to wired earphones.

Since AirPods 2 was unveiled his year it got quite some improvements that users requested, but when it came to Noise Cancellation the Airpods still lacks. So Sony decided to get in the game of truly wireless earphones and gave users what they wanted.

sony wireless earbuds

What Sony has that Apple doesn’t is noise canceling, from the early reviews of Sony WF-1000XM3 the earphones have something which is called ‘Active Noise cancellation’. Now what this term means is that as per the surrounding environment you can adjust the amount of noise cancellation of the earphones.

It is worth noting that the company already has a similar over the ear noise-canceling headphones called the WH-1000XM3. Like the WF-1000XM3 these headphones are also equipped with noise cancellation which is a big deal considering that these actually, belong in truly Wireless headphones.

The WF earphones are totally fresh with new features and comes with a charging case that can charge the pair 3 times when it’s working in a full capacity. It comes with new colors, new drivers, new touch controls and a new improved QN1e processor that improves noise canceling effect and sound quality. The pair uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 which offers a range of 200m and speeds up to 2.1 Mbps.

As there is an active noise canceling feature available the load on battery increases. Sony says that the earphones can survive 6 hours with noise cancellation active and 8 hours when you switch off the noise cancellation. There is USB-C charging available which can offer 90 minutes of battery life with just 10 minutes of charging.

Support for Google assistant

The company has provided controls on earphones but they are limited. If you are someone like me who doesn’t want to touch their phone for changing the volume then this feature is a deal-breaker for you. 

You can tap on the right touchpad to control the audio playback; use Google Assistant and answer and end calls. Tapping the left touchpad allows you to cycle between three sound modes: noise-canceling mode on, noise-canceling mode off and a transparency mode that let’s ambient sound in. You can also use the app available for Android and iOS both platforms to change the sound modes.

Also, there is a feature present which we find in earphones like AirPods, there is a sensor that detects when your earbuds are in your ear and when they are not. So whenever you pull the bud out of your ear the music will pause. You can use just one bud to listen to music and attend calls.

There’s also a Sony exclusive feature that you won’t find in AirPods. It’s called Quick Attention, what happens here is if you want to pause music you can tap and hold on the left touchpad instead of tapping on the touchpad. This feature is also present in Sony’s over-ear noise-canceling headphones.

One feature that can be considered a negative point is the absence of sweat-proof and water-proof resistance. So if you are thinking of using them while working out I wouldn’t tell you to take a risk if you sweat a lot, as there is no sweat-resistance.

Easy to use

If we talk about the charging case, it is not like Noise X5 shots in which case you could also use it to charge your phone. It is a bit bulky but does give a premium feel to it. It is easy to get in and out of the earbuds. There are also extra ear tips provided which you can use to ensure that the earphones provide an optimal seal. I suggest you do this in order to take full advantage of the noise-canceling feature.

The noise cancellation feature best comes in use when you are in a public place crowded with people around you. For the students who commute and like to read in peace, these earphones are the best and most convenient option available currently.

This is not the first of its kind earphones from Sony, MF-1000X was launched as first truly wireless from Sony. But it did had some of the downsides and were not up to the mark when it came to sound quality.

Credit: Digitaltrends

Pricing and Availability

The buds are available in two colors black and grey with small copper accents. The earphones stand out from the crowd just because of their noise cancellation feature. It remains to see how it compares with the likes of AirPods and Beats wireless earphones.

Talking about the price, the buds are available via Amazon for $230. They are yet to be launched in India so you might have to wait longer to order these.