TCL has made a name for itself for the last few years by offering affordable TV sets and value-packed smartphones. But now they’re on the way to innovating and making a name for themselves in the tech industry with NXTPAPER.

TCL has come up with a new kind of display technology called NXTPAPER. It is a display that lies somewhere between a link display and LCDs. The company’s innovative display technology is paired with the reflective screen that repurposes natural light, making its first “Zero Eye Strain” on which you can watch movies for even longer hours.

It is meant to offer better eye protection by reducing flicker blue light and better contrast. The company also said that its effect is similar to E Ink displays found on Amazon Kindles. They also call it a combination of screen and paper. The company has also mentioned that the product is the result of 2 years of research. TCL has also received an eye protection certificate and has 11 different patents for eye protection.

The demo video showcases a considerable amount of glossiness on display. If TCL is intended to rely solely on ambient lighting to eliminate screen, they should better take the glossiness a few levels down.

How NXTPAPER is different from LCD displays?

The company launched the display panel at the virtual IFA 2020. But sadly, you won’t be able to see it in any smartphones soon enough. TCL has mentioned that the display is meant for larger devices like tablets or e-readers. The new screen will offer full support for FHD definition and 25% higher contrast than the traditional LCDs.

As the display does not require its lights, NXTPAPER will be 36% thinner and 65% more power-efficient than conventional LCD. So you can say devices with this display will have longer battery life.

Typically E Ink devices have a slow refresh rate, making it difficult to enjoy any videos and animations on them. Companies like Hisense have come to solve the issue of refresh rates for their smartphones using various speed mode enhancements. But they have not solved it fully.

If TCL can provide smooth video playback with their NXTPAPER, it would be noteworthy. But besides providing any renders, the company has not to showcase any demo of the text.

A new Apple-like smartwatch for seniors

TCL has also announced an apple watch look-alike aimed at seniors, which is called Movetime Family Watch MT43a. It offers 4G connectivity and the ability to make and receive hands-free calls. Other notable features include heart rate monitoring, automatic fall detection, sleep tracking, and medication reminders.

The design of the smartwatch, like the OPPO smartwatch, is similar to the apple watch. It has an AMOLED display, but it is optimized for senior citizens, so it has larger icons and watch faces that are easy to read.

The automatic fall detection feature will send an immediate alert to assigned emergency contact with the user’s precise location. The heart rate monitor will also alert the user if it notes any irregular heart activity.

Bring some excitement to the user; the watch can also share photos and emojis. The users can also stay connected through voice or text messages.

The watch material is unknown yet. On the left, it has the 4G SIM tray while on the right, there is a power button and an SOS button for emergencies.

The watch has IP67 certification and is available in two colors Dark Gray and Black. It will be available in North America and Europe by the end of October and will cost $271 for 229 EUR.

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