The year 2019 till now has been fascinating if we talk about smartphones. Since the beginning of the year, only we are a witness of smartphones in some very unique form factors.

Notches and foldable displays are now a big thing. Samsung’s punch-hole display in the Galaxy S10 series is winning many hearts since the release of the series.

If we now talk about foldable phones, it all started when Royale FlexPie launched its own and world’s first phone with a foldable display.

The phone was just for the sake of introducing the foldable display, and it was not very much practical as it had many flaws.

Samsung launched it’s the first device in this category, the Galaxy Fold, and following up Samsung, we saw Mate X, which was from Huawei. Amid all these, Motorola is expected to launch its new redefined ‘Moto Razr‘ which will also come with a foldable screen.

Now Xiaomi is also gearing up to take part in the foldable smartphone game. The company has released a teaser video showcasing its double side folding smartphone.

Among all the foldable phones released till now, Xiaomi’s approach is the most interesting one. The phone will come with not one but two creases, which will allow the phone to be folded from both sides.

This is the second teaser, and there was a video leak from the executive of the company in January this year.

We can now expect that Xiaomi may launch its foldable phone, and it will surely be cheaper than those from Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, which costs around $2,000. The phone will definitely include all the latest processors like Snapdragon 855.

The video also features a hand gesture to use the phone, so that’s a new feature we might see on the phone now. Although looking at the size, this feature might come in handy, and I wish it can be accurate.

Availability of this foldable phone

There is no possible release dates or any news about the pricing of the phone. I would update the post as soon as some more details are available.

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