Imagine you are in your everyday commute and watching an exciting movie or video, and suddenly your phones come up with a warning to the plugin for charging. It’s a mood killer, and you may not have your charger along with you.

We’ve all been in this kind of situation where we find ourselves without any juice in our phones; also, it is not practical to carry around charging cable everywhere unless you are having a backpack or a small purse.

Chargerito has come up with a solution for this in a very unique and practical way. The company has removed all the unnecessary parts from your conventional charger and minimized it.

The resulting product is a small key chain with prongs and a USB extension. With this, you just need a power socket to plug it in, no cables, no adapters are required

The prongs are built-in and can be pulled out whenever necessary. Just pull out the prongs and plug it into the wall power socket, there are USB-C, and USB 2.0 two models are available depending upon your phone.

It is a huge thing that the company came up with something like this, as nowadays we are always looking for better and faster ways to charge our phones without worrying about cables and sockets. This is the reason why more and more phones are coming out with a wireless charging feature.

If you want to pick up a gift for your close ones, the company is offering two Chargeritos for only $40 while the original price of one in $25. Buying three will cost you $55.  

Never run out of power again with Chargerito.

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